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  1. Humanelectro + "∑"

    ディレクター(DIrector) / デバイス開発(Device Engeneering)

  2. HumanelectroことRyo Fujimotoの全身から放たれるエネルギーを、電気信号に変換して巨人を動かすプロジェクト”Σ(SIGMA)”Ryo Fujimotoの全身に取り付けられた拡張デバイスが筋肉・心拍・指の動きを検知、音、映像、電気信号へと変換する事で超現実を創り出す。本映像は、プロジェクト”Σ”の第一弾として、関係者のみを集めたクローズドな形式で行われたライブイベントの記録である。

    Electrical signals radiate from the body of Ryo Fujimoto via the various sensors that are connected to his face, arms, and hands. These sensors track heart rate, muscle movement, and finger positions in real-time. The data is then converted directly into audio and visuals, thereby allowing the expressive unification of man and machine, and the birth of "Σ (SIGMA)". This video above is a recording of the live event that took place in Tokyo, Japan.



    Humanelectro + "∑(SIGMA)" from Ryo Fujimoto on Vimeo.



    Ryo Fujimoto | Humanelectro (Musician / Performer)
    Eddie Lee | Funktronic Labs (Interactive Visual System Designer / Programmer)
    Takuma Nakata and Tsubasa Nakata | TN2 (Concept Designer / Director / Hardware Design & Development)


    Kanazawa Yasuyuki | Mengenlehre Photographic Office (Photography Director) 
    Qomunelab Co., Ltd. (Movie Director / Shoot / Edit)
    Shimpo Takuto | Senbon Studio (Videographer)


    Okada Masamitsu | OMD (Logo Design) 
    Akita Yoshiko (Web Design)