A very special Projection Mapping

We were asked to create a projection mapping piece of art for the cloth shop called WALL located in Harajuku, Laforet.

Technicaly, since the shop was too bright to design a projection mapping with a cheap projector, we had to find a way to solve this problem. First of all, we looked for a super short throw projector, which allows us to have less light attenuation. Than we also decided to paint the mapping surface in the color that we wanted it to shine, since the projector still wasn’t enough to represent high contrast color.

Next thing we did was to over paint the surface with a reflective paint. This process was needed to let the light from the projector to refrect in a certain angle. Most of the time, projection mapping is done to a matte white surface. However a matte surface reflects the light to various angle, and in this case, we wanted most of the light to reflect to the same angle. So we tested various paints to make the best reflection.

Thats about it!! Rest of the process is most likely to normal projection mapping. Designing the layout, creating footage, installing the objetct and setting up media server to auto play random footage.  Thank you for reading this long post!!

Art Director : Haruka Yamagishi
Technical Director : Takuma Nakata